First Bike

Buying your first motorcycle is an exciting experience and will most likely be one of the most adventurous purchases you make. It is a great feeling knowing you have a bike to take to the beach, mountain trails, or down to the local mall for a little pick me up. Unfortunately, motorcycles are much more difficult to insure than cars and with the current financial situation of many first time buyers aren’t even guaranteed to be able to afford the bike they want. This is where motorcycle insurance comes in.

Motorcycle insurance is required for anyone who wishes to drive a motorbike on the road. Motorcycles are considered a dangerous vehicle because they travel at much faster speeds and oftentimes more erratically than cars. When a motorcycle is involved in an accident it can cause serious bodily injury or death and these types of accidents often occur at night or in bad weather, making the insurance claim process extremely difficult. Because of the high rates of motorcycles being stolen, damaged or wrecked, as well as the frequency with which motorcycles are reported stolen, it is very important that you buy the proper amount of coverage in order to protect yourself and your investment. Since most motorcycle owners would rather insure their bike for only a few thousand dollars rather than insure it for several times that amount, companies that offer only one time policy prices are much more appealing to bike owners. While these policies are usually less expensive overall, there is still the risk that you could lose everything you have worked so hard for when something happens, no matter what reason.

If you are shopping around and are not able to find the best one-time policy price, you should definitely look into purchasing a comprehensive motorcycle policy. Comprehensive policies cover your bike for any reason, whether it is theft damage or a mechanical defect. This means that not only do your motorcycles get full coverage, but you will also be covered if you are involved in an accident, walk away without your bike and if you are hit by a car or a truck. This type of policy is usually the most economical choice for first time motorcycle buyers.

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