Why tyre maintenance is so important

Tyres are an important safety feature on your car and they need to be well maintained. If your tyres fail you, you might end up in a bad accident. Tyres that are in bad condition can explode, which can as well cause a bad accident especially if you are driving at high speed. This is why it is important to maintain your tyres and to regularly inspect your car tyres for any visible damages. This should be done while you are fueling your car; a quick inspection doesn’t take much time at all. It is also good to do a bit more extensive examination at least every month.

You also need to check the tread depth, which should be at least 4mm. If you have a lower tread depth than the 4mm, you need to buy a new set of tyres. Low tread depth impacts the grip and the stability when you drive. Your braking distance will also increase making you a more dangerous driver to others as well as to yourself. It is even more important for winter tyres as they have to deal with thick snow and slush. For the summer tyres it will have a significant impact on the prevention of aquaplaning.

There is also a financial impact to checking your tyres regularly, as low inflated tyres will wear out quicker, so that you have to invest into a new set earlier than anticipated. If you bought high-quality tyres, it would be a shame if they didn’t last as long as it should just because of bad maintenance. Check also the tyre pressure every time you fuel the car at the petrol station.  Your car’s load and temperature will affect the tyre pressure, as well as there might be some leakage from your vales. Low tyre pressure also affects the rolling resistance. A high rolling resistance will result in higher fuel consumption for the same distance. With the high gasoline prices that we are currently experiencing, this can quickly translate into high fuel bills.

A regular maintenance of your tyres during every stop at the gasoline station can save you a lot of money. Start by doing a visual check of your tyres and then continue to fill up the tyres with air if needed. It is not necessary to check the tread depth at every stop unless you are getting close to the 4mm depth. However, if you notice uneven wear on the tyres, you should consult a service station to find out the cause of this. Tyres should also have wear evenly between the tyres, so that you can change all four tyres at once.

For winter tyres it is also important to check the condition of the studs if you have studded tyres. If you have lost a lot of studs, you should try to find out the cause for this. Aggressive driving behavior tends to cause this and also wrong rotation of the tyres, so that the direction of the wheel changes. Often you can get studs reinserted to the tyres, but it is always better not to lose them in the first place.

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