How to stay safe when driving on snow and ice

When winter approaches it causes quite a bit of anxiety even in experienced drivers. Even though good quality winter tyres or all-weather tyres are well equipped to handle all kinds of winter road conditions it is still the driver that needs to drive the car on snow, slush and ice. In many countries in Europe winters can come without much warning, which can be quite dangerous if not equipped with proper tyres. You therefore need at least some basic knowledge on how to drive on snow and ice.

This is why besides a good quality tyre; it is important to know some safety tips for winter driving. Even experienced drivers find driving in winter on snow and ice daunting. There are some things to consider like how to steer on snowy and icy surfaces. It is important to keep smooth, careful and precise movements of the steering wheel so not to cause skidding that can also occur with hard accelerations, braking or speeds too fast for the conditions. Braking or stopping on slippery surfaces requires longer visibility, following and stopping distances. Drivers proficient at driving and braking on slippery surfaces need also be aware of the additional dangers associated with and created by low temperatures. The stopping distance on ice at -18 degrees Celsius is twice the amount required at 0 degrees Celsius.

For driving in winter conditions, you will need to have tyres that are approved for winter use. You can’t drive with summer tyres safely and in a lot of places it is not legal, as you will need to have winter tyres or approved tyres mounted when driving on snow and ice. So if you have summer tyres you will need to change tyres to winter tyres before the first snow arrives. If you use winter approved all-weather tyres, then you can safely drive during the winter and you don’t have to stress or worry about the changing weather. The main safety here is that you are always prepared for winter weather and you won’t get surprised by a sudden snowstorm.

All-weather tyres like the Nokian Weatherproof are high performing all-weather tyres that retains predictable grip all year round, both on wet and snowy roads. This will give you the peace of mind to handle any abrupt changes of the seasons. It will allow for better handling on black ice which can appear during morning hours in the fall. With new innovations and the all-weather dual performance compound ensures excellent wear resistance and fuel savings. The Blade Grooves allow for proper routing of rain, snow and slush to keep proper contact with the surface thereby protecting from hydroplaning.

Armed with good quality tyres and basic knowledge on how to drive on snow and ice you will be able to enjoy the winter months without anguish. Whether choosing winter tyres or all-weather tyres you will be prepared to drive on both snow and ice without problems.

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