Common Auto window tints and their uses

auto window tints

There are many different car tints for every individual needs. It can vary from one place to another depending on the climate, laws, regulations, and personal aesthetic perspective. However, most window tints provide the same benefits, such as protection against harmful UV rays, excessive cabin heat, and privacy.

Unlike before, there is now a wide selection of window tints to choose from. However, because of the breakthroughs made through the years, there are now many different types of car window tinting in San Francisco and anywhere else that may confuse customers as to which one they need. Here is information about standard auto window tints and their uses to give a good baseline of what most people get.

Dyed window tint 

Aside from being one of the most common types of window film in San Francisco and anywhere else, this is also a good option for people on a tight budget. Dyed tint uses multiple layers of infused dyes to block sunlight, absorbing the heat, which reduces the car’s excessive cabin heat. This also provides a good level of privacy. However, this window tint does not provide protection against harmful UV and IR rays.

Metalized window tint

Like dyed tint, metalized tint also helps filter the heat by reflecting it. This type of tint is made of infused metal particles that effectively block and reflect the sunlight. One of its key features is its shine due to its metallic properties. Metalized tint provides added strength, reducing the chances of shattering and effectively blocking UV and IR rays. It also reduces cabin heating and glare.

Hybrid window tint

Hybrid window tints have both properties of dyed tint and metalized tint. It provides the effects of both tints in one while reducing the negative sides. The most common combination is titanium film and grey dye, creating a not too dark nor too reflective or shiny mirror-like finish. It still provides a good level of privacy while effectively blocking harmful UV and IV rays.


There are different types of window tints that car owners depend on the climate, laws, regulations, and personal aesthetic perspectives. However, with so many choices to choose from, it can be confusing to which one is the best for every individual needs. That is why it is essential to at least look at what most people use and start from there to decrease the confusion.

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