Tyre tests provide great value in the tyre selection

Regardless of what tyres you are planning to purchase, it is always important to check various tyre tests to see how the tyres compare against each other. Tyre tests are performed my various motor magazines and often also the evening press and other media content that focuses on cars, as this is something that is interesting for its readers. It is important to make sure that the tests are unbiased and that they are made fairly to find the best tyres for the purpose that they are tested.

There are usually at least two tyre tests performed every year. You can often see headlines stating the 2021 Winter Tyre test, or “The best SUV winter tyres” where they have tested either winter, all-season or summer tyres or then sub-groups of them for special vehicles. Since even electric vehicles and SUVs require different tyres, it is important that you actually check the proper test for the vehicle that you are interested to purchase tyres for. You also need to have the correct tyres for the season that you plan to drive in. The tests for the winter tyres are among the most important as the winter presents some of the most challenging driving conditions.

The EU tyre label also offers valuable information that you should take into account when selecting tyres. For winter tyres they are not really the most important values and the tests are not done at winter temperatures, so they are not really representative for the winter tyres, so here you really need to rely on test results from these motor magazines. You just need to make sure that the tests that you look at are representative for the conditions that you encounter. It tends to be better to analyze the subgroups of the tests to see the actual performance on the surfaces that are most important for you. This is also true if you are looking for summer tyres.

For summer tyres the tyre tests are good at narrowing down the candidates and then you can use the EU tyre label to make sure that the tyres you have on your list actually have good wet grip, which should be apparent on the braking tests on wet roads, but you want to make sure that the rolling resistance is low, so that you have low fuel consumption but also low tyre wear. You can also find a lot of additional information on the Internet if you just take the time to do your research. There are a lot of very interesting articles and you can often find tyre tests online, but some will take you to magazines where you have to pay to access the information. You can however get all the information at the privacy of your own home without having to go out and buying any car magazines and. you can access the information when you want to read it and not when the magazines are for sale.

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